Hires Ruler

Hires Ruler

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Missouri Does not drink Root Beer

I recently was able to take a trip to the Kansas City Missouri area.  While there are stopped at as many of the Antique shops I could find. I discovered that Root Beer is not very popular in this area of the country.  There are very few finds and very few brands to be seen.

Below are the few things I did pick up, although most of them were found in Kansas on my way there and back.

Two things I wanted to mention. First is the Gallon Jug from Mugs Up Root Beer.  This is a root beer stand that is still open for business.  They brew their own root beer and have a drive in in Independence.  I was excited about getting a mug as well as the gallon jug.

Here is a Dennis the Menace 3D pin. This is fairly rare and turns out to be worth around $200.00.  It was a great Flea Market find.