Hires Ruler

Hires Ruler

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Very Old Bottles

I have come across several very old root beer bottles lately.  Some are because of this blog and how easy it is now being found. Some are a result of searching many, many antique stores and fleamarkets.  Here is a shot with all of them plus a few more pictures showing them in smaller groups.

These 3 I got from a guy that found my blog.  The center one is dated 1876. I am not sure how old the others are but likely prior to 1900.

These are all Hires. Some of them only have Hires embossed on the bottom of the bottle.

I friends called me the other day and told me about an Old Dutch Root Beer Thermometer at one ofthe antique stores in Lafayette, CO.  I went to see it and picked it up.  It was priced quite affordable. 

And lastly here is an updated picture from the doorway of my root beer room.

Keep those emails coming.