Hires Ruler

Hires Ruler

Monday, December 31, 2018

Iowa Root Beer Collection

Here is the collection of Vince Payne from the Des Moines, Iowa area. He has been collecting root beer items since he was around 15, so for over 35 years. Feel free to contact Vince at Vincep@iowapumpworks.com He loves to hear from other collectors.

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Full Collection

These pictures were taken Dec 22, 2018.  This is about 99% of my collection. I add stuff every week so it is hard to keep totally up to date on what I have.  I appreciate all the emails I get from those finding this blog with questions and pictures.  Please keep contacting me.  tom@floodeen.com

I would also like to plug the Root Beer Hunters facebook page here .  There are currently 195 members. A few less then Coke collectors, but way more special.

I hope you enjoy the pictures. Send me an email on your thoughts.

This is referred to by my family as the Root Beer Room.

These are many of the brands I have drank. Since I filled the wall I started overflowing into the closet. For those that want to know, my favorite root beer is still A&W from a tap.

I have over 400 cans

 I have 37 different signs.  I stopped buying signs because I have run out of space to display them, plus they have gotten very expensive.

The entrance hall to the Root Beer room.

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Things I do not have!

Over the last year or so several people have sent me pictures of items that I do not have. Many of them are pretty cool and although I would love to have them all, they are either out of my price range or simply too big for the small amount of room I have left.  I did promise my wife that I would only buy what I can display, and I am running out of places to grow the display space.

So enjoy the below pictures and know that there are many wonderful root beer items out there waiting for you to find. When you do find something cool, be sure to post a picture on the Root Beer Hunters facebook page.

I think my absolute favorite is the neon Hires sign.