Hires Ruler

Hires Ruler

Friday, May 30, 2014

Root Beer Riches from the West

I recently went on a several day trip through the states of Wyoming, Utah, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and Montana. Our main purpose was to visit family and friends.  But of course we had to stop of antique stores along the way.

We also went to the Root Beer Store in Lynnwood, Washington. Very fun place. I found many root beer items and brands I did not have.

Here are a few of my finds.

From the Root Beer store I was able to add 10 new brands of root beer I have not tasted. This was a welcome addition to my fridge in the garage.

I also found a few cans that are great. Turns out the Nehi was a duplicate but the other two were good, bringing my total cans to about 145

I found a few bottles at various places along the way.

A couple of the bottles were very large.

Then at our last stop I found the bottles that got me excited.  First was the brown Barq's bottle which I was sure I did not have. When I got home I discovered that I did indeed have it.  I really need to start checking the blog before I buy to ensure I do not wasted money on duplicates.  It is a very old Barq's bottle so perhaps it will sell in my fleamarket booth.

Next to the Barq's bottle is a Rosebud Soda bottle with an old Hires paper label.  I was so excited to see this that my desire to have an old Hires bottle over ran by ability to think clearly.  Once I got it home and started researching I discovered that the 12 Fl oz label in on a 7-1/2 fl oz bottle.  Although the label appears real, and the bottle is still a very nice Rosebud soda bottle, I  believe some simply stick a Hires label on a bottle to make it sell easier. Bummer for me, but then I gain knowledge through trial and error.

I found two new Dog n Suds mugs that are large and a nice addition to my collection.

I thought $3.00 for this MUG glass was reasonable. I have not seen another one of these before.

My most fun was at the Root Beer Store. In addition to the root beer mentioned above, I found several root beer items to add to my misc. collection. I am looking forward to our first Bar B Q so I can try out the root beer mustard and BBQ sauce.

Here is the piece I really enjoyed finding. It is a thin plastic Hires calendar from 1970.  This happens to be the year Cindy and I were married. I told her I was buying it for romantic reasons. She did not believe me for a second.

I hope you enjoyed this blog. It was sure a fun trip. I am now thinking about where else I can go.