Hires Ruler

Hires Ruler

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Albuquerque and Farmington Finds

I recently made a trip to Farmington and Albuquerque New Mexico to visit friends and family.  Of course I could no go there and not check out the antique shops. The first picture below shows the entire cache of treasures I found. I am pretty excited about some of them.

All of the below glasses were found at a shop in the 12,000 block of Central in Albuquerque. 

I have a lot of A&W mugs, but this one has a Snoopy on the back. As near as I can tell the Snoopy is original to the making of the mug.

The below picture shows looking into the plastic mug.  It says HIRES int he middles and Always Refreshing To You .The little child's mug is Little Skipper Root Beer. I got it in a shop in Durango.

More mugs.  

These is a small shop about 14 miles east of Durango. That is where I found this frosted Hires mug.  Very cool.

A new ceramic mug to add to my others.

First Ted's Root Beer bottle I have ever seen. It is dated 1959. The Triple XXX1953 and the Dr Swett's is 1934.  Great find.

This little thermometer was in a shop in Durango. It is a bit rough but looks great on my wall.