Hires Ruler

Hires Ruler

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Two Great Treasures

Over the last week or so I have added two great treasures to my collection.

First is what I think to be a Frostie Root Beer barrel marker.  It is solid metal, it looks like brass.  Is 4.5" high, 13" across and is in the shape of an arc that is about 17" inches in length.

It could be a print head for printing the logo on boxes or crates.  In any case, it is very unique and the only one I have ever seen.  A nice gentleman from Huntsville, Alabama found my blog and contacted me.  We were able to come to terms and now it is mine.  I love it. Thanks Donald.

The second great treasure is a John McDonald Root Beer paper label bottle from around 1915.  It is in a Leadville Embossed soda bottle. My brother-in-law found this for me while he and his wife were passing through Leadville, Colorado. This one is pretty hard to find also. Thanks Greg.

Thanks to all the people viewing my blog and sending me emails and and pictures.  I love to hear from you.