Hires Ruler

Hires Ruler

Friday, October 24, 2014

Too Expensive for Me!

Here are several Root Beer items I saw while traveling, but did not buy because they were very high priced.  I thought I would at least take a picture so I could say I saw one.

Very cool cardboard sign,  The next one is cardboard also. $700.00 for the pair. Ouch.

First bottle cap sign I had seen but $500 was too rich for me.

I really wanted this one but $400 was just to pricey for me.

Turns out I have one of these but this one was way more than what I paid.

East Coast Root Beer Treasures

We recently took a trip from Colorado to Ogunquit Maine.  Along the way we stopped at many Antique and Collectibles shops. We found a few treasures. We went to many shops in Pennsylvania hoping to find some cool Hires items, but we did not. What we found on Hires as in Ohio at the Heart of Ohio mall just south of Springfield.

Here are some of what we found.

Fist time I have seen:  HI-Top Root Beer and Leary's Root Beer.  This is the first RICHardsn bottle I had ever seen.  Finally, a paper label Hires from the 1930s and a clear ol'Smoothie.  I already have a brown ol'Smoothie bottle.

I saw a lot of Ma's Old Fashion Root Beer bottles. I really like the Walker's Root Beer.  I had not heard of this brand before either.

The Hires can has Roberto Clemente on the back.

Silverfross Root Beer mug, Richardson's Liberty Root Beer and a German Hires mug.

Two different Rochester Root Beer mugs and a Stewart"s Mug

I love Root Beer candy and found the Russel Stover at the factory in Abilene Kansas.  The other two I already have but bought more since they are not found in the Colorado area very easily. 

Howel's Root Beer sign from the 1930's

Hires Root Beer sign from the 1960's

All in all it was a fun trip. I saw a lot of things I did not buy, mostly because they were too pricey.  I will do a separate blog entry on those items.