Hires Ruler

Hires Ruler

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Bottle Caps

Here is my collection of Root Beer bottle caps. Some do not say Root Beer on the cap, but since I took them off a Root Beer bottle I know that is what they are.  Most of them either say Root Beer or have a brand name that is associated with Root Beer.

This is a cheap collection and fun to look for when traveling around.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

New Best Friend

I want to give a shout out to Dave Becker. He is one of my new best friends.  I have a booth in the Front Range Mercantile Fleamarket in Longmont  FRM One of the things I sell in that booth are marbles.  Well Dave collects marbles.  In fact he more than collects them, he also makes them.  Check out his web site. Big Chief Marbles

Well Dave used to collect soda stuff. Dave contacted me through the fleamarket and once we knew about each others collections, we decided to do some trading. I had  marbles he wanted and he had some items I wanted.

Check out the treasures I got.

This is the group of Items I got

These are two rare glasses.  The Dad's glass is worth about $30 and the Hires glass about $20.
The small Hires Extract box includes the bottle plus the instructions.  It fits perfectly in the old mailer I found earlier.  This is from 1929.

The coolest item is the right hand Syrup Tester bottle.  I do not know for a fact it is a Root Beer tester.  I found several sort of like it on the internet, but they are all clear and were called Coke-a-cola testers.  If you are aware of other Root Beer Testers, please let me know.

The Ramblin mug is cool because I have never seen one before in all my travels. I had seen the RICHardson glass before but could not buy it, Getting this one was a treat.

Now that Dave and I know what each other collects, we will have an extra pair of eyes looking for treasures.