Hires Ruler

Hires Ruler

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Root Beer finds of the week!

These two small plastic A&W mugs were found in Colorado Springs. I put a quarter in the picture to show their size.  One of my college educated sons suggested I do that. I paid .99 each.

Here is a Duffy's bottle with the paper root beer label.  First one I have ever seen.  I have several Duffy bottles with a root beer lid but this is the only one I have seen with a root beer label.  I paid $12.00 which was probably high, but I might not ever see another one. Got this in Colorado Springs.

I have a Thompson and Taylor Root Beer Extract Bottle already, but now I also have a box.  The Box is not in great shape, but it is in tact enough to make it cool. The bottle in side has a cork and the extract is all dried up in a lump. I paid $10.00 Got this in Colorado Springs.

This is a tray I got at the Antique mall way down on south Broadway in Littleton. I think I paid $18.00 for it.  I do not believe it is old, but it is one I did not have.

I am amazed that I continue to find items I do not have every time I go out looking.  Thanks for viewing and be sure to share this with your friends.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Green A&W Mug?

Below is a green small (2 inch) plastic A&W Root Beer mug.  I have no idea what it was used for.  I have searched google every way I can think of and cannot find one like it of any color. It is way too small to have been used for Root Beer.  I am thinking perhaps lip gloss or Jelly Belly candy.  If you have seen one of these before, or know what it was used for, please send me a note.  tom@floodeen.com  I only paid $3.00 for it at the Antique shop in Golden.

Here is a steel Dad's Root Beer can.  I got it for $2.00 at the Brass Armadillo.  I thought it was a pretty good deal but found out later that they generally only go for $3.00 so I paid about the right price.

This was a new one for me. I had no idea there was such a thing as Ed McCaffrey's Root Beer.  I am sure it is only found in the Denver area. I also found this at the Brass Armadillo.  A nice addition to my can collection.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Root Beer Bottle Openers

Root Beer bottle openers are really hard to find. The only one I have ever seen in any of the shops I have been in is the below pictured Pop Shop opener.  Although it is technically not Root Beer, I do have a Pop Shop Root Beer bottle in my collection.

I have been looking a long time.  Of course I can find one occasionally on eBay, but I would prefer not to buy items that was. It is more fun to hunt for them and feel the thrill when you actually something you do not have.

If any of my friends happen across a Hires bottle opener, I would love to hear from you. Any other Root Beer brand would be great also.