Hires Ruler

Hires Ruler

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Root Beer finds in Texas 2017

Here are some items I found but did not buy while on my trip to Texas in May of 2017. Mostly I did not buy them due to the high cost. In a few cases it was due to the large size.  Farther down I show what I did buy,

$295.00  Nice condition but too rich for my blood.  Found in Tulsa, OK along I44.

$695.00  This is a small one.  Very nice.  Also found in Tulsa OK.

$595.00  Found in Tulsa, OK.  Has a few condition issues.

I already have all 3 of these. They were each priced around $50.00 also in Tulsa, OK

$195.00  in Tulsa. Nice condition. I have no more room for signs.

$1,095.00  Very large. Both sides say RICHardson Root Beer. Found just west of Wichita, KS.

$85.00  Cardboard sign. West of Wichita KS

Don't know the price.  This is a soft cooler bag. Wichita KS.

$29.95  Paper label. Full. Wichita KS

These next three are items I saw at an Antique Show in Colorado just prior to leaving for Texas.  They are all in mint condition but were priced that way also. Way too rich for me.

$345.00 This is a stoneware glass, not a mug


$750.00  This is the first one of these I have actually seen. I have a few of the small mugs with this same picture. Once I saw the price I was afraid to even touch it.

Below are the items I found that I did buy. There were not a lot of finds.  Of course when you already have thousands of items it is hard to find things you do not already have,  Even a couple of these are duplicates, but were so cheap I could not pass on them.

All the above were found in Wichita. Paid $6.50 for the Hires Mug. $15.00 for the old Hires bottle. $8.00 for the XXX bottle. $4.50 for the Yankee Doodle Root Beet, paper label, 1946. Paid $4.00 for the AAA Glass (which I already had thanks for Vince)

Found this nice set in  Austin, Texas. $48.00 for pitcher and 5 mugs. Seller said they were from the 1930's but they say Hand Painted and Made in Japan on the bottom so I am thinking more like the 1950's.  Still as very nice set.

These are the only two new root beers I was able to find.  We did find some Big Chill Root Beer in Pawhuska, OK but I would have had to buy a 12 pack of cans and they only has Diet.

All in all it was not a great Root Beer trip. Later this year we are thinking of going to Edmonton Canada to see the 800 store mall.  I have never looked for Root Beer in Canada. Could be fun.

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