Hires Ruler

Hires Ruler

Thursday, October 3, 2013

DAD's Root Beer Collectibles

This week I am high lighting my DAD's Root Beer collection.  I hope you enjoy looking at the various items.  If you happen to have a DAD's item that I do not have, I would love to see a picture of it so I know what I need to look for as I shop around.  As always, I love to hear from other Root Beer fans. You can contact me by emailing tom@floodeen.com

Here is my newest addition to my Dad's collection.  I got this at the Front Range Antique Mall in Fort Collins, Colorado.  The sign is 14" by 30". It is a great addition to my collection.

First up are a few of the different bottles.  These are pressed glass.  Not real common for DAD's.  The glass to the right I got at World Market for like $3.00.  The glass to the left is an older one and I paid $30.00 for it at a flea market in Colorado Springs. It is the only one I have ever seen.

Here are the four ACL "JUNIOR" bottles I have. Although sometimes they look the same, each of these is different in some way.  If you click on the picture if gets larger and you can see them better.  Generally this are around $6.00 at flea markets.

These three have paper labels. They are fairly new and can be found at various stores.  I generally go to World Market to buy DAD's. It is one of my favorite Root Beer's for making floats.

These are new ACL bottles.  ACL means the label is silk screened onto the bottle. Again these are fairly new and what you would find in a store today.

These are all 12oz ACL and are older bottles. Each one is different.Interesting that 12oz used to be "King Size". 

These are all 10oz ACL. The first second and fourth from the left are fairly new. The other 3 are older. 

The big guys. The left half gallon is old.  The two 1616oz ACL are fairly new.  The right two are plastic and were bought in the Dollar Store. I usually buy the large ones when the grand kids are coming over for floats.

I have not found a lot of DAD's mugs. The one to the right seemed to be used as a planter. The left one is plastic. I see a look of the clear one in flea markets for about $5.00.  The left glass one is a bit older and harder to find.

Here is a full six pack of 12oz bottles. I found it at a flea market in Florence Co. The bag of candy I got at a soda shop in Louisville co. I do not remember where I picked up the bag of marbles.

I got this crate for $40 at a flea market in Fort Collins.

I picked up his sign for $85.00 in the middle of Kansas at an Antique Shop along the freeway.

This thermometer came from a flea market in Iowa.  I think I paid $125.00

I do not remember where I got this sign or what I paid for it. I would likely pay around $85.00 for it.

This is a bottle topper.  They were stuck on one of the bottles in a six pack as an advertisement.

That is all the DAD's items I have in my collection, other than a few bottle caps. I hope you enjoyed looking at it. I am open to buying items as long as the shipping is not too expensive.