Hires Ruler

Hires Ruler

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

A&W Collectible stuff

Since my post showing my A&W Mugs I have gotten a lot of emails from various other collectors showing me some of what they have.  This get me to thinking I should do an entry focused on A&W collectibles.  I know I have only a small percentage of what is out there but it is fun to display them and see what others have.  For those that are curious about the history of A&W Jamie Heidt send me a cool link. http://kpolsson.com/mugshots/mugs/index.htm  This is apretty good site for determining the approximate age of an item.

Below is what I have, in no particular order, followed by some of what others have sent me.  As always, if you send me pictures of what I do not have, I will add them to the blog.

Please scroll to the bottom and see some of the pictures others have sent me.

This is an overview shot of my A&W Corner.

This is a tool used to determine the sugar level within the A&W syrup.

I got all these employee pins from a vender website.

The below pictures came from Marek in North Carolina.

A set of 2000 Anniversary Mugs.  The sign says there were only 800 made. I have never seen these.

I have some of the jugs pictured above, but now have more to look for.

Scott Morgan shared this photo of his A&W Collection. 

Art Pettit from Texas share the below 3 pictures.

The following pictures are from Vince Payne in Iowa.