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Hires Ruler

Thursday, December 19, 2013

8 new Root Beers!

When I got home from my mission at the employment center today I had a package sitting on my front porch.

This was a much anticipated package. A while back I had ordered some new brands of root beer from The Root Beer Store in Lynnwood Washington.  Unfortunately their first shipment was returned before it was delivered because of the deep freeze we had. One of the bottles had broke and Fedex sent it back instead of delivering it. The store called me immediately and apologized and sent out a new shipment.

The packing of these bottles is really good, so had we not had temperatures well below zero it would have made it just fine. It is a little more expensive to order root beer this way, due to the shipping charges, but it is still a lot cheaper than driving from Colorado to Washington to buy some root beer you cannot get locally.

Now for the next week I get to try some great new brands.

Chicago Fountain Classic - with pure cane sugar
Druthers Black Cow Vanilla Cream Root Beer
Stevens Point Premium Root Beer - Cane Sugar and Wisconsin Honey
Foxon Park Draft Style Root Beer
III Dachshunds Root Beer - Pure Cane Sugar
HIPPO SIZE Jumbo Root Beer - Cane Sugar with extract of wintergreen

I am anxious to taste them all but will do the Black Cow first.

These two new brands were found at the new candy store that opened up in Longmont. Both are very good.
Empire Root Beer - with Artesian Spring water and pure cane sugar
Barrel Brothers Root Beer - with Quillaja extract

Exciting times!

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