Hires Ruler

Hires Ruler

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Michigan Collection

 This is the collection of the Allen family in Michigan. I am sharing it with permission of Cory Allen.  You can contact Corey Allen at clallendds@gmail.com.  There are some old and unique items. My thanks to Corey for sharing this.

A quote from Corey: We began collecting about 20 years ago when my parents bought a rootbeer stand (an old BK franchise) from my grandparents.  It was simply something we did for fun as a family and it allowed us to display the items at the restaurant.  We have not added much to the collection for many years as my brother and I left for college and then careers, but my parents still display most of what we have left.  Several items were sold when the restaurant was sold about 2 years ago.  The rootbeer stand was renamed to Allen's Rootbeer Drive In in Coldwater, Michigan and has now been renamed again to Short's but can still be found online.

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