Hires Ruler

Hires Ruler

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Green A&W Mug?

Below is a green small (2 inch) plastic A&W Root Beer mug.  I have no idea what it was used for.  I have searched google every way I can think of and cannot find one like it of any color. It is way too small to have been used for Root Beer.  I am thinking perhaps lip gloss or Jelly Belly candy.  If you have seen one of these before, or know what it was used for, please send me a note.  tom@floodeen.com  I only paid $3.00 for it at the Antique shop in Golden.

Here is a steel Dad's Root Beer can.  I got it for $2.00 at the Brass Armadillo.  I thought it was a pretty good deal but found out later that they generally only go for $3.00 so I paid about the right price.

This was a new one for me. I had no idea there was such a thing as Ed McCaffrey's Root Beer.  I am sure it is only found in the Denver area. I also found this at the Brass Armadillo.  A nice addition to my can collection.

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