Hires Ruler

Hires Ruler

Thursday, January 15, 2015

A&W Coolness

Do I have the best wife ever or what. Not only does she put up with my sickness about root beer, she finds me way cool things like this A&W cooler in Logan, Utah.

We tell people we went to Logan to see a good friend, but my motivation was to get some Root Beer Float Milk from Gossner Foods. Very good.

While in Logan we saw an Antique Mall and my wife pointed out the cooler to me.  She even negotiated a lower price for it. I love my wife!

The shelf life on this Root Beer Float Milk is about 10 months. It is also quite inexpensive. The main thing is that when it is cold, WOW! it is like drinking the left overs of a root beer float after the ice cream is all melted. Next time I will buy a case of it.

But here is my new pride and joy. I can hardly wait for the next Church Root Beer Social to show it off. When I told my wife what I think it is worth she said I should sell it.  HA HA! Not a chance.


  1. Love love love Gossner milk! Next time you go, we will sen you with some $ and our order! :) I have to agree with you about your wife being super cool! I think so too! That cooler isn't even as cool as she is! :)

  2. Angela, I agree she is cooler than the cooler. I will call you next time we go there.